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Parking for Memorial Field practices


As the season has started, we just wanted to share an important safety message for practices at Memorial Field. There is a very small parking lot immediately by the entrance in the fence that you take to get into the field and track area. It is dark and difficult to maneuver within this lot, given its tight spaces and the fact that there’s only one way in and one way out.

We are asking parents to avoid using this lot. Please park in the main lots by the baseball fields and swimming pool, or at the top of the stairs behind the stands and press box on Myrtle. Also note that coaches and trainers won’t release your kids if you’re not present, so you will need to leave your car and come to the field area to get them.

We realize this might be a little less convenient, and that it might mean you need to give a little bit more time for your practice pickups, but we’ve seen too many close calls and dangerous situations with that small lot right by the entrance that we need to restrict practice pickup parking to these other areas. Thanks so much for your understanding, and have a great week ahead – on the field, in the classroom and everywhere else!