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Nutrition For Performance Seminar Handout


The presentation is now available to download thanks to Dr. Sara Campbell! Click here for the Nutrition for Performance Presentation (in Powerpoint format).

Nutrition & Exercise Seminar Sept 27, 2018 Presentation at Cranford Community Center

Have you ever wondered what to give your child to eat before a game?  How about at half time of a game? Are orange slices really the proper food to eat at halftime? What about snacks to eat at a tournament?  Or what to feed them to refuel for the next day of practice? The Cranford Soccer Club is proud to present a seminar being offered by Dr. Sara Campbell on the topic of sports nutrition. Dr. Campbell is a Cranford resident with kids currently playing in the soccer club.  She also happens to be an expert in sports nutrition. Dr. Campbell has graciously offered to share her expertise on the subject matter to members of our club.
  • Why is Nutrition important for sport and how can it optimize performance?
  • What are nutritional recommendations for carbohydrates, fats and proteins?
  • What are some micronutrients (calcium, iron) that are important to consider?
  • Optimal hydration guidelines.
  • Making a plan: Focus on eating to perform
This discussion is family friendly so please feel free to bring your child.

Sara C. Campbell, PhD, FACSM
Associate Professor
Department of Kinesiology and Health