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Recreational Pre-K-Grade2
Intercounty SYSL League

Please check our website & email before any soccer activity for last minute reschedules or cancellations. Field notices here or use top status bar.

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Cranford uniform colors are Gold (typically home) & Royal Blue (away)

Team Event RSVP – Dick’s TSHQ Team Sports App

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Use the companion Dick’s TSHQ App to check events, todo & scheduled events for each team. On these event pages, a user can RSVP to a game or practice via either the desktop site or the mobile app.

Android & iPhone Apps

Frequent Questions

  • Why would a team want to use this?
    A. Simplified event notification with RSVPs & assigning tasks to events (“who is bringing halftime-snacks” or “need stay parent”) are two huge reasons. Simple calendar showing all your kids events in CSS is another!
  • Why is this more useful for a coach or manager? Email works fine.
    A. Email is not convenient for everyone on the team as a whole. Reply-all email can be obnoxious. Real-time RSVP is useful for example teammates who might need car pooling can see who is and is not attending very quickly last minute. Ask for HELP quickly in the app by creating tasks!
  • How do I invite other family members to get notifications?
    A. Go to MyAccount MyAccount Info to verify your info and “add secondary users” to invite parents, relatives, etc.