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IC Soccer message – Fall 2017 Season


Hello Cranford Soccer Club Parents,

I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome those returning players and those who are new to the InterCounty Division of the Cranford Soccer Club.

I’ve checked all the rosters and I am 100% positive that there is no Pele, Carly Lloyd, or Messi names on any of the teams this year so as a friendly reminder……….Let the kids be who they are and let them play!

For those who don’t know me, I am John Dilts – VP InterCounty Division and Head Referee for Cranford and I will be your guide for the next 10 weeks, so sit back, keep your arms and legs inside the cart until the ride comes to a complete stop, and enjoy the season.

League update –

This fall the InterCounty Division will play in the new Suburban Youth Soccer League of New Jersey – SYSLNJ with teams from Scotch Plains, Westfield, Mountainside, Springfield, New Providence and Watchung Hills. This new semi-competitive recreational league will field 98 teams from the 7 towns in 5 age groups: U10, U11, U13, U15 and High School.

Opening day of the season is September 16th and all age groups will play a 10 week season.

InterCounty Division/Training/Fields –
This fall Cranford will field 22 teams in the InterCounty Division with 12 teams in the U10/U11 age group.

Each team will have a predetermined day and time with our training partner – USA Sports that will be the same throughout the season. (Coaches will have the schedule) which will begin the week of the September 4th.

In the event of a cancellation (weather or otherwise) of the trainers practice – parents will be notified by our VP of Operations – Greg Steyskal via e-mail.

Coaches practices are optional and are set by the individual team coaches at their convenience. Fields space is on a first come, first serve basis with formal training and reschedule games having higher priority. Coaches will communicate this with their individual teams. Coaches please keep in mind daylight savings time as the season goes on as you will need to adjust time for practices.

Player Requirements – All practices/Games
Shin Guards – players who do not wear will not participate
Ball – size 4 or 5 depending on age group
Water Bottle
Good attitude

There are only 3 attributes a player can control at all times:

Attitude – Actions – Effort

“We don’t expect a player to be perfect on every play, we only ask that they give a perfect effort on every play” – Bob Ladouceur – Head Coach De La Salle High Football… The Game Stands Tall

Jewelry –
No Jewelry of any kind is allowed during games except Medical Alert necklaces; prohibited items includes: watches, bracelets, friendship bracelets, earrings, toe rings, belly rings, nose rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, or bobby-pins.

Earrings must come out – referee’s will not allow band-aids to cover this year. (Games are usually an hour so the holes shouldn’t close up during play)

Two-Deep Rule –

There must be 2 parents and or coaches at every training, coaches practice and game.. No Exceptions! Most teams rotate this with the parents to ensure the safety of the kids.
Violations of this rule will be handled by the CSC Disciplinary Committee and can result in suspension of coach.

All InterCounty uniforms should have been fitted and ordered by now through Cougar HQ. If you child did not play in the Spring, the need the new uniform!

If you haven’t already, you need to go to Cougar HQ to be fitted and order one but it will not be ready in time for the seasons first game. I also recommend you purchase a Cranford Blue and Gold T-shirts for them to wear for games while the uniforms are being prepared.

Parents Guide to Youth Soccer:
Soccer is a contact sport – your child will/shall/may get knocked down, pushed, tripped or just fall over during practices and games. It is going to happen but our volunteer coaches and referee’s priority has been and will always be, Safety First!

Encourage all the kids, allow the kids to learn, its OK for them to make mistakes, let them enjoy the game to the best of their abilities.

Refrain from shouting instructions, that what the coaches job is and it may confuses the players.

Referees – “They are your friends not food”…..sorry was thinking of Finding Nemo, but the same sentiment applies.

All our referee’s are certified by the state of New Jersey as Grade 9 or Grade 8 which requires all to attend classes and pass exams. Some are as young as 14 years old, others like myself, just a tad bit older but we try to do the best we can on the field.
Referee’s make mistakes, its going to happen so if you should hear someone criticizing the call, kindly imagine if that was your son or daughter out there and how you would feel if a parent was screaming at them.

Games –
Games will be scheduled and confirmed weekly with opponents teams no later than Wednesday of each week. This is necessary so that we can schedule the fields and assign referees for the weekend. If player can not play on a given weekend, please let coaches know as there is a minimum number of players need to schedule a game.

Big Shout Out!
The Cranford Soccer Club is a volunteer organization with the goal of providing a positive soccer experience for all the kids and we are always looking for volunteers, so it you are interested, please let me know.

With this in mind, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our Division Coordinators, Registrar and Scheduler who’s monumental task it is to help create: all the teams, find fields, and assist the teams throughout the season. So a big thank you to Diane Cruz, Trevor Deal, Jennifer McConnell, Tricia Pomponio, Tom Hass, Pete Azcue, Glen Cianculli, Alan Giraldo, and Jen Wukovitz for all your efforts.

Finally, to all you parents, thank you for all the support you give the club, the teams and your kids!

Best of luck to all the Cranford teams this fall!

John Dilts